Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hammond Hit Parade



Album: Hammond Hit Parade

Artist: Harry Baumann

Year: Unknown

Special Features: Two cocktail recipes on back.


Side 1:

  1. Congratulations / Rock Around the Clock / Warst Du doch in Dusseldorf gebliedben
  2. Harlekin / Mony, Mony / Jumpin’ Jack Flash
  3. Bells of Love / Young Girl / Hohe Tannen
  4. What a Wonderful World / Hurdy Gurdy Man
  5. Help Yourself / Alle Blumen wollen bluhen / Cotton Fields

Side 2:

  1. Arrividerci Hans / Simon Says / Yummy Yummy Yummy
  2. Sehnsucht / A Man Without Love / Choo Choo Train
  3. Happy Harry / Sunny Morning / My Name Is Jack
  4. Honey / Du solst nicht weinen
  5. Der Computer Nr. 3 / Lazy Sunday / Last Night in Soho


Surly Captain said...

Could you publish the cocktail recipes larger....I can't read them.

I need to get my drink on

wiretone said...

Your drunken wish is my command. I republished all of the photos larger.

My attempt to translate the German recipes failed pretty badly. The first recipe calls for a pineapple, sugar, and two kinds of wine (one sparkling, one dull).

The second recipe calls for strawberries, sugar, lemon, sparkling wine, and (apparently) the juice of one sausage.

Surly Captain said...

Here's what I got for the first using babel fish

1 pineapple or a box pineapple
Sugar after Gesmack
2 bottles Mosel - or Rhine wine
1 bottle sparkling wine ,

In stuckchen, give in bowlengefass, with sugar to cover and saft cut the pineapple flat pull leave. Something to wine more uber the fruit give un gu durchegenkuhlt at least a half grants to stand leave. Then the remaining wine to it-pour. before that lay on the gekuhlten sparkling wine into the bowle geissen

here's my corrected version taking into my 1 1/2 quarters of UCSD german

1 pineapple or a box pineapple
Sugar Smacks
2 bottles of mussels - or Rhine wine
1 bottle sparkling wine ,

In the kitchen, give into bowling fast, with sugar to cover and sadly cut the pineapple flat. Pull leaves. Something or whine more over the fruit join a black metal band and at least a half grand to stand or leave. Before all this drink the remaining wine. Lay on the kick ass sparkling wine into the bowels of hell.

wiretone said...

I think your German is rusty. The recipe clearly calls for "one ice chest of fruit, preferably from the beach."