Sunday, March 15, 2009

Let's Disco!



Album: Let's Disco!

Artist: Various Artists

Year: 1978

Label: K-tel

Liner Notes: "DISCO. A single word has captured a nation's imagination. No longer thought of as an amusement strictly for the "beautiful people," DISCO has become a national entertainment. People 6 to 60, tired of watching a select few have all the fun, are shredding their 9 to 5 humdrums, donning their dancing shoes and stepping out! The key to your personal DISCOvery is to realize that nearly anyone can learn to disco dance. It's simply a matter of getting the basics down, stepping on the floor and letting yourself go! And that's where LET'S DISCO comes in. LET'S DISCO was designed with the idea of presenting the basics of disco dancing as simply as possible for those with little or no dance background. We believe that this package is totally unique in that it teaches you disco steps in four different ways:

  • through the use of over 400 photographs which illustrate the positions and movements of a step, beat by beat
  • through simple, concise, written instructions explaining the movements seen in each photograph
  • through the liberal use of detailed, easy to follow foot diagrams
  • and finally, through this full length record featuring the voice of a disco instructor who will lead you through many of the steps along with original disco hits for dancing practice

With LET'S DISCO, learn:

  • freestyle steps and routines
  • line dances
  • dances for couples (touch dancing)

And best of all, with LET'S DISCO you can learn in the privacy of your own home."

Special Features: Supplemental "LET'S DISCO" book.

SIDE 1: Instruction

  1. Introduction / Walking Steps / Four Beat Turn / Freestyle Routine
  2. Touch Steps / Two Beat Turn / Freestyle Routine
  3. Basic Camelwalk / Camelwalk Kick / Freestyle Routine
  4. Kick Ball Change / Ball Change Kick / Samba

SIDE 2: Non-Stop Disco

  1. Do What You Wanna Do -- T-Connection
  2. Get Down Tonight -- K.C. & the Sunshine Band
  3. Get Off Your Aahh! And Dance -- Foxy
  4. Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me -- Peter Brown

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